Windows 7 Tools, Tips and Tricks

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Did you just upgrade or are you getting ready to upgrade to Windows 7? Yeah we know Microsoft’s Windows 8 is out, but like we said, are you getting ready to or just moved to Windows 7? While Windows 8 is a good OS, most businesses that are upgrading from XP now that the Microsoft will be ending support of the OS, are making the jump to Windows 7 not 8 – Side note: Did you know that XP was Microsoft’s longest living OS coming in at 12 years and 5 months? Now it’s time to update don’t you think? For those of you making the leap to Windows 8 don’t worry we’ll be posting some videos specific for that OS too.

These two videos should help you and your users with the transition. Remember, KnowledgeWave offers live hands-on instructor-led training for Microsoft Windows and all the Office Suite versions. We can offer short sessions that meet your need during your migration to a new OS or office suite. We offer train-the-training type sessions that can be coupled with our Log on to Learn on-demand training portal. We can help to get your staff up to speed in no time at all!

What's the Windows 7 Snipping Tool?

Put that Paint Application and Photoshop away. One of the best things since sliced bread, and sliced bread is pretty cool, is the Windows 7 Snipping tool. This takes screen capture to a new level! Capture just the parts of a screen view you need with this easy to use tool. In this video we will demonstrate how to capture images from your screen using the Windows 7 Snipping Tool.

Need more than a short tip? Try this video. Windows 7 is new from the ground up. It was created so that users could put the personalization back into the PC. Whether you're already using Windows 7 or planning on making the switch, this video will uncover many of the ways Windows 7 is different from earlier versions. In this tips-packed tutorial you will learn techniques in Microsoft Windows 7 to customize and organize your work, and streamline your business.

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