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Get New York State Harassment Prevention Training from ProKnowledge

Posted by Eric Sokolowski  /  November 4, 2019  /  Workplace Culture, ProKnowledge Sexual Harassment Training   —   No Comments ↓

As you probably know, every employer in the state of New York must provide sexual harassment prevention training to employees. New state laws require all employers to establish sexual harassment policies and provide interactive training. 

ProKnowledge is an established New York-based training company with the tools to educate your company on sexual harassment prevention and help you meet the letter of the law. For a great low price, you'll get a high-quality online training module and easy admin tools to help you track who has completed the training.

The expert trainers at ProKnowledge have ensured that their training module meets the requirements set forth by New York state as well as those set forth by New York City. It is designed it to include all of the legally required information as well as built-in interactivity as stated in the training requirements. The training module includes multiple interactive scenarios that users must engage with to successfully complete the training.

There is a minimal per-person fee, making the ProKnowledge online training ideal for small and medium sized businesses. It’s also easy to train remote staff and new hires, both of which can be tricky with in-person training because it has to take place on a certain day and time. The huge advantage of offering the training online is that employees can take it anytime that is convenient, from any device that has a good internet connection.

Each employee that you register in the ProKnowledge training system will receive an automated invitation email with the necessary information to complete the training. They simply click the link in the email and get access to the harassment prevention training. If you have employees without work email addresses, there is a system in place to make sure they can get access to the training as well.

The video above shows what employees will see when they first log in to the training site. There is a handy quick reference guide, and a large, obvious play button. Clicking the "Play Now" button will launch the training module. The video also includes a few excerpts from the training module, which will give you a good sense for the content and topics that are covered.

This training typically takes 35 to 45 minutes to complete. If employees can’t finish the training module all at one time, they can come back later and pick up where they left off.

After the employee has completed the training, they receive a certificate of completion. Employees can choose to print or download their certificate, if they'd like, in order to demonstrate that they have taken the time to complete the training course.

For account administrators, there is also an easy way for you to keep track of who has taken the training and who still needs to complete it. You can add more participants, resend invitations, and view everybody's certificates. A key feature is the ability to export all of this data to a spreadsheet that you can keep for your permanent records to verify that you are administering the training as required by law.

If you're ready to check this off your to-do list it’s easy to sign up.

Please call ProKnowledge at 518-786-1338 or visit them online.

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