Tips for Time Management: 6 Ways to Reduce Micromanagement

Posted by Jennifer Patterson  /  May 11, 2015  /  Training Approaches, Employee Training, Training Plan   —   No Comments ↓

Micromanagement is a burden on everyone involved. It takes time away from a supervisor's day and only frustrates the person being managed. It goes without saying that the best-case scenario is for an employee to prove his or her ability to manage his or her own time, thus earning a degree of independence and negating the need for micromanagement altogether. In order to help you encourage your colleagues to take this initiative, we've gathered some tips for you to share with them.

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Using a Software Training Plan to Increase Employee Satisfaction

Posted by Jennifer Patterson  /  March 27, 2015  /  Training Plan, Human Resources Management   —   No Comments ↓

If you've introduced an organizational software platform before, you've probably heard the associated grumblings from your fellow employees. There are several reasons why they could be on auto-disgruntle mode: taking time out of their already busy schedules, being treated as masses instead of individuals, not finding the interface adaptive, and more. The truth is if you operate with a certain mindset, however, you can encourage your employees to follow suit.

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