smiling_older_businessman_smallMicrosoft Office and Office 365 have so much available that users can't learn it all at once. And because some employees have better training success when there is a set date and time, KnowledgeWave offers some webinars at specific times and dates as part of its valuable training package:

  • 4-6 LIVE events each month
  • Current, relevant, rotating topics
  • Perfect for frequently changing software like Office 365


Upcoming Webinars

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The Diversity Puzzle at Work

12/4/18 at 3 PM (EST) | 60 min

This webinar is designed to create awareness of each participant’s unique diversity, both external and internal, that each of us brings to our respective departments, agencies and/or organizations.

Excel's Logical Functions: IF, AND, OR, IFERROR
12/5/18 at 1 PM (EST) | 30 min

Skill Level: Intermediate. All Excel users should know the 3 most powerful Logical Functions: IF, AND, OR. Logical functions allow you to test your data against various conditions and return text or values that will be useful for you. They can be especially powerful used together in endless combinations.

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How to Be a Great Delegate: Managing Other People's Calendars in Outlook
12/10/18 at 1 PM (EST) | 30 min

Skill Level: Intermediate. Delegates can create meetings and appointments on behalf of other people in the organization. This webinar will go over Delegate Access in Outlook and provide tricks and tips for managing multiple calendars.

Use the Accessibility Checker to Find Accessibility Issues in Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint
12/11/18 at 3 PM (EST) | 30 min

Skill Level: Beginner. Before sending your email message or sharing your document or spreadsheet, learn how to use Accessibility Checker to make sure your content is easy for people of all abilities to read and edit.

How to Use Microsoft Teams for Communication and Collaboration
12/20/18 at 10 AM (EST) | 30 min

Skill Level: Beginner. With Office 365, the way we work is changing. Learn how to use Microsoft Teams, which provides a modern chat-like conversation experience for today's workers who need to share a digital workspace. It's a hub for your team to work together, making it easy to communicate, share documents and files, and hold meetings.

Using Excel to Manage Your Employee List
12/20/18 at 1 PM (EST) | 30 min

Skill Level: Intermediate. Excel is widely used to meet a variety of organizational needs, and one common use is maintaining a list of employees. In this webinar, we use the example of an employee list to demonstrate and discuss multiple Excel skills, from text manipulation, to flash fill, to date formatting and more!

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