smiling_older_businessman_smallMicrosoft Office and Office 365 have so much available that users can't learn it all at once. And because some employees have better training success when there is a set date and time, KnowledgeWave offers some webinars at specific times and dates as part of its valuable training package:

  • 4-6 LIVE events each month
  • Current, relevant, rotating topics
  • Perfect for frequently changing software like Office 365


Upcoming Webinars

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How to Reduce and Manage Excel Spreadsheet Risk
2/26/2019 at 1 PM (EST) | 30 min

In this webinar, we show you how to reduce errors that can undermine your spreadsheets. Flawed spreadsheets increase business risk, and small overlooked mistakes can add up to significant unintended consequences. Follow these best practices to reduce your spreadsheet risk. Some of the topics include: how to set up and store your data, build formulas that automatically extend your data range as new data is entered, and use auditing tools to help find and correct mistakes in a spreadsheet.

Key Soft Skills for Success: Adaptability and Flexibility
2/27/2019 at 10 AM (EST) | 30 min

Skill Level: Beginner. Adaptibility and flexibility are skills that take practice and commitment, but they are within reach for employees across all industries. These are must-have soft skills if you're aspiring to improve your work and advance your career.

Transition to Windows 10: What You Need to Know About Windows 10 Compared to Earlier Versions of Windows
2/27/2019 at 3 PM (EST) | 30 min

Skill Level: Beginner. A quick overview of the newest operating system from Microsoft. This webinar will help anybody transitioning from earlier versions of Microsoft Windows to become comfortable and productive in no time! Windows 10 is packed with tools that will help with productivity. Learn key skills like customizing, pinning and searching.

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Microsoft Planner: A Handy Way to Organize Your Team's Tasks
3/8/2019 at 10 AM (EST) | 30 min

Skill Level: Beginner. By the end of this webinar, you'll be ready to get started with Microsoft Planner! This app provides an intuitive and visual way to organize your team’s work. Think of it as a light, online project management tool that’s built right into Office 365. We'll begin with a quick tour of the interface, then create a Plan and explore Boards, Buckets, and Charts.

Make Your Presentations Dance: Using Animations and Transitions
3/18/2019 at 1 PM (EST) | 30 min

Skill Level: Intermediate. We show you how to bring life to your PowerPoint presentations with eye-catching transitions that take you from slide to slide and a variety of animations which can be applied to text and graphic elements within your slides. We’ll cover best practices and provide an overview of the new Morph feature available in PowerPoint ProPlus and PowerPoint 2019.

Excel Basics: The Home Tab and All That It Offers
3/18/2019 at 3 PM (EST) | 30 min

Skill Level: Beginner. Join us as we explore the "Home" tab on the ribbon in Excel, which includes the most commonly used basic functionality in Excel. It includes basic commands for the clipboard, cell formatting, editing and more.

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Better Together: Nested Functions in Excel
3/26/2019 at 3 PM (EST) | 30 min

Skill Level: Advanced. Excel functions are particularly powerful when used together; you can do a lot of complex calculations or manipulations in a single statement. We will explore some super-handy nesting combinations like IF with AVERAGE and SUM, and RIGHT with FIND and LEN, CONCATENATE with LOWER and TRIM, and more! This webinar is for advanced Excel users who are experienced with formulas and functions.

Intro to Microsoft Flow: Work Less, Do More
3/28/2019 at 10 AM (EST) | 30 min

Skill Level: Beginner. Microsoft Flow is a cloud-based service you can use to automate workflows across multiple apps. It allows end users to streamline workflows and communications like never before. Simple example: if this spreadsheet gets updated, send me an email. And it gets better from there! Flow is available to most Office 365 users.

The Power of Rules and Alerts in Outlook
3/28/2019 at 1 PM (EST) | 30 min

Skill Level: Intermediate. Microsoft Outlook allows you to create Rules to automate certain processes that are done on a regular basis. Examples include: moving messages to subfolders, deleting certain messages automatically, and flagging messages from specific people. Beyond that, we show you how to add Rules in the Out-of-Office Assistant. For example, a rule could forward mail to co-workers while you are gone.

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