smiling_older_businessman_smallMicrosoft Office and Office 365 have so much available that users can't learn it all at once. And because some employees have better training success when there is a set date and time, KnowledgeWave offers some webinars at specific times and dates as part of its valuable training package:

  • 4-6 LIVE events each month
  • Current, relevant, rotating topics
  • Perfect for frequently changing software like Office 365


Upcoming Webinars

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Transition to Windows 10: What You Need to Know About Windows 10 Compared to Earlier Versions of Windows
6/5/19 at 10AM (EDT) | 30 min

Skill Level: Beginner. A quick overview of the newest operating system from Microsoft. This webinar will help anybody transitioning from earlier versions of Microsoft Windows to become comfortable and productive in no time! Windows 10 is packed with tools that will help with productivity. Learn key skills like customizing, pinning and searching.

Creating Workplace Budgets with Excel
6/6/19 at 3PM (EDT) | 30 min

Skill Level: Intermediate. If you manage organizational resources or a team, it's essential to plan and monitor financial performance. Microsoft Excel has a plethora of features designed to help with that very thing. Learn the basics of creating and maintaining business budgets in Excel.

OneNote Tips and Tricks
6/17/19 at 1PM (EDT) | 30 min

Skill Level: Intermediate. For those already familiar with the very basics of OneNote, we will introduce shortcuts and best practices to use OneNote to your increased advantage.

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The Review Tab in Word: Track Changes, Comments and More Tools for Working Together on Documents
6/18/19 at 3PM (EDT) | 30 min

Skill Level: Intermediate. Learn how to use comments, how to change markup views and how to accept or reject changes. For those using SharePoint or OneDrive for Business, we will spend a few minutes on versioning, too.

A Practical Approach to Preventing Sexual Harassment
6/25/19 at 12:30PM (EDT) | 30 min

Skill Level: Beginner. We are all aware of recent media focus on obvious alleged acts of sexual harassment, but in the workplace, it can be our own behaviors and activities that may make us the target of an accusation. Our intentions may be well-placed and “innocent,” but it is how they are perceived that really counts in today’s work environment. Join us in exploring some practical guidelines to avoid questionable behaviors and activities, including a look at the proactive role of the Bystander during potential harassment situations.

2 Soft Skills for Success: Time Management and Problem Solving
6/26/19 at 1PM (EDT) | 30 min

Skill Level: Beginner. In this webinar you will discover some of the best practices for managing your time. You’ll become better at scheduling and learn how, as Benjamin Franklin said, “To love life is to love time.” We’ll also show you the techniques used by top-ranking professionals when it comes to solving problems in your life and in your work.

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