Office 365: Overview and Awareness

In this live training event, you’ll learn about Microsoft 365 and what it means to work in the Cloud. You can continue to work as you always have, but with Microsoft 365 you have new options that provide the opportunity to work collaboratively, across devices and locations.

Recommended Duration: 45-minutes + Q & A

Core Objectives

  • Introduction to Cloud Computing and its benefits
    • Access to content and working tools from any place
    • Demo accessing and showing files displaying on a mobile device
    • Security benefits
  • Logging into Microsoft 365 in the browser
    • Navigation
    • User Settings
  • Online applications
    • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
    • OneDrive (Basics)
    • SharePoint (Basics)
    • Sharing of Documents (Basics)
    • Introduction to Collaboration in Microsoft 365
    • Modern Attachments
    • Integration with desktop applications

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