O365 Training for Your Employees, Available Immediately

Be the hero! Office 365 is a powerful collection of tools: make sure people know how to use it successfully.

Do you need online training right now to start using Office 365 for remote collaboration?

Our online training platform is made for employers and managers who need to train their teams on how to use Office 365 as soon as possible.

Users have access to on-demand training videos and live online training webinars through the KnowledgeWave Learning Site. You also have access to our Office 365 adoption experts who will coach you on best practices for getting your end users up-to-speed on the technology, and an ROI calculator that measures user engagement.

Affordable training for all your employees

  • On-demand training videos
  • Live online instruction
  • Coaching on Office 365 adoption best practices

No other online training solution is offering this robust blend of services at this price point.

Ongoing Training is Key

Rolling out Office 365 without end user training is a recipe for disaster. (Even if it’s not a complete disaster, it’s certainly not a recipe for success.)

If your team is moving to Office 365, they need the skills to become masters of the productivity and collaboration that Office 365 is famous for. That's the surest route to ensure your organization is getting its money's worth for those licenses!

Two key factors make ongoing training important:

  • Users can't absorb it all at once
  • Office 365 is updated frequently

Onsite vs. Online Training

We offer multiple online modalities: on-demand videos, live webinars, and live instructor-led classes. For many organizations, these online offerings meet all of their employees’ needs.

Want on-site training as well? We’ve been doing that for 20 years and we’re great at it. We recommend a hybrid training package that includes onsite and online delivery. You might be surprised how far online training options have come and how well they pair with traditional classroom instruction. Let’s chat! (800) 831-8449

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Why KnowledgeWave?

Why choose us?

We are Office 365 training experts. We have been in the training business for 20 years, ever since the very first version of Microsoft Office was released.

You'll find hundreds of satisfied KnowledgeWave customers throughout North America in business, government, not-for-profit, banking, healthcare, manufacturing and more. (We can put you in touch if you want to check our references.)

We also show you ROI and usage information for all of your users. Our guarantee: if you follow our recommended process and your ROI doesn't exceed your costs after 9 months on the platform, we'll refund the difference. We insist on delivering value. 



We offer a subscription-based ongoing training solution, working with teams from 5 users up to 10,000 users.


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