Make KLS Part of New Employee Onboarding

Training and development is essential for new employees. Organizations that systematically enroll new employees in KnowledgeWave as part of their onboarding often see a 25% higher return on their KnowledgeWave training investment. It’s a perfect opportunity to provide training at a time when employees are most open to it.

Explore 'Pathway to Learning' Documents

As part of our KnowledgeWave Learning Site membership, our members will enjoy complete access to our library of 'Pathways to Learning' documents. These documents serve a dual purpose: they provide a comprehensive introduction for new users and managers exploring the Learning Site, while also offering valuable insights to all members on effectively implementing and utilizing the Site within their organization

Manage your Members

Keeping an up-to-date user list helps keep membership activation high. Sending an internal email reminding members of the KnowledgeWave benefit you are providing them helps keep training top of mind and reiterates how training is an important part of employee growth. Periodically tracking non-activated users and resending invites also helps promote that message as well.

Customize Your Learning Site Dashboard

Creating a customized dashboard that aligns with your training goals is an imperative first step. It allows your employees to view what training is important to the company and offers a jumping-off point to further their individual training goals. And if you have your own training content, we can host it and place it onto your dashboard as well!

Promote Monthly Webinars

We run 8-10 live webinars each month which are included in your KnowledgeWave membership. These webinars offer extraordinary value. By promoting our webinars through your internal channels, you can maximize your training opportunities and increase your ROI.

Popular Topics Include:

  • Excel
  • ProDev
  • Word
  • Security Awareness
  • Microsoft Teams
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive
  • And much more!

Connect with your Account Manager

Our Customer Success Team is available to help support your training goals and learning initiatives. After we lead you through the initial onboarding process, we are available for ongoing training support.

Set up a 15-minute Consultation Call with our MS365 Specialists

Microsoft 365 is one of the most technologically advanced and sophisticated office tools available today. Integrating this software into your team’s everyday workflow can be challenging. We can help get your organization started and guide you in the right direction. Contact your KnowledgeWave account manager to schedule a call.

Identify KLS Champions in Leadership Roles

Having KLS champions within an organization who can identify training needs and put the right training in front of their people goes a long way in making KLS a success. Leaders can help their people grow and develop. By using KLS as a tool, together we can improve worker proficiencies.

Additional Possibilities: Private Webinars

We offer dozens of topics as private training sessions. We will help you through the discovery and decision process to understand your needs and your environment. Your private session is customized to meet your needs and run times can range from 45 minutes to 3 hours. The recording is later added to your learning site dashboard for future reference.