Who we are: Leaders in Business Software Training

KnowledgeWave is a software training company with more than 20 years' experience helping businesses train their teams on Microsoft business software. Hundreds of businesses rely on KnowledgeWave's online learning to provide Microsoft 365 training for employees.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we are a national leader in transforming the modern workplace through software training. Our mission is to help millions of employees be more productive with Microsoft 365 and other modern collaboration software.

We pride ourselves on being thought leaders with regards to Microsoft 365 deployment and implementation. Our 365 experts are thoroughly versed in both the software applications as well as the latest on adoption and change management for successful software deployments. 

What we do: Microsoft 365 Adoption & Training Experts

KnowledgeWave helps businesses drive a modern workplace with Microsoft 365 training. When working with KnowledgeWave you’ll have access to a Service Adoption Specialist, webinar presentations, hands-on remote workshops as well as a subscription to the KnowledgeWave Learning Site (KLS) that helps reinforce and promote the modern workplace through video-based Microsoft 365 Training.

KnowledgeWave provides training on today's top business software. Our integrated approach reaches all learning styles, through a blend of on-demand video and live instruction. Invest in your team, and improve workplace efficiency through software proficiency.

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Are you ready to get the most out of Microsoft 365? Contact us today to speak with a Service Adoption Specialist and learn more information about our program and how we can help you maximize your Microsoft 365 return on investment.

Our Leadership Team

Eric Sokolowski

Eric iconEric Sokolowski is co-founder and CEO of KnowledgeWave and has been a leader in the software training and virtual learning arena for nearly 20 years. He has witnessed the evolution of this industry, and has been at its forefront, accelerating the transformation from one-size-fits-all classroom delivery to continuous learning available at your fingertips.

Eric leads the Sales Team and the Partner Channel Team, as well as driving the overall strategy and growth for KnowledgeWave. He's the guy with the grand vision of training millions of employees (in organizations like yours!) to be highly fluent and highly productive in the use of Microsoft 365 and other software they use to do their jobs everyday.

Daniel St. Hilaire

Dan iconDaniel St. Hilaire is a co-founder and partner at KnowledgeWave, and currently serves as the Vice President of Operations. A leader and an innovator in the software training industry for nearly 20 years, Dan provides business development expertise and oversees KnowledgeWave’s Microsoft 365 Adoption Experts as well as the Instructor Team.

Speak with Dan for 10 minutes, and you'll have no doubt that he's a thought-leader on Microsoft 365 Adoption and Change Management and modern workplace technologies. Experienced and trusted as a Digital Transformation Strategist, Dan promotes innovative modern thinking with his strong passion for modern IT technology.

Jennifer Patterson

Jen iconJennifer Patterson is a 20-year veteran of the software industry and currently serves as KnowledgeWave's Vice President of Products. Using her keen leadership and management expertise, she oversees the KLS Development Team, the Customer Success Team and the Marketing Team.

As a key member of the leadership team, Jen cares deeply about values-based leadership, data-driven decision making, clear communication and exceptional employee management. Jen "Did you put that in Teams?" Patterson is also an advocate for office efficiency and task automation, helping to grow and expand KW's internal use of Microsoft 365 tools. Power Automate, anyone?