For HR Managers: Enhance Company-Wide Productivity and Job Satisfaction

Training Across the Organization

Improve Productivity and Morale

KnowledgeWave is a training platform with videos and classes for every type of employee. You can feel confident that employees from the IT Department to the Marketing Department will be able to up-skill and become more productive users of the software they need for their role. As an HR professional, you know that investing in employees will not only allow them to perform better, but will also increase their job satisfaction.




Microsoft 365 Training

Maybe you helped roll out Microsoft 365 recently, but you’ve heard from employees that not everyone feels comfortable with it. KnowledgeWave can help train the entire organization for maximum productivity, whether it’s on a program like Excel, or on something that may be new to most people at your organization, like Microsoft Teams, Groups, and SharePoint.




Reporting Dashboard for Managers

Prove the ROI

If you're wondering whether you can prove your return on investment when it comes to training your team, we have a reporting dashboard to put your mind at ease. Find out how many people on your team have been using the platform and view an estimated cost savings based on their use.

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