Teams Training for Employers

Need to get your end users up-to-speed in Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft 365 features? A nationwide leader in Teams training, KnowledgeWave offers the most effective combination of video tutorials, live webinars, workshops, Teams adoption consulting and more. 


Affordable training for all your employees

  • On-demand training videos
  • Live online instruction
  • Private webinars
  • SCORM modules for your LMS
  • Coaching on best practices
  • Aligned with your roll-out plans

No other online training solution is offering this robust blend of services at this price point.

Learn More about our Microsoft Teams Adoption Planning Checklist

Training Matters

Users need the skills to take advantage of the productivity and collaboration that Microsoft Teams is famous for.

  • Many useful features that people won't discover on their own
  • Users can't absorb it all at once
  • Microsoft 365 (including Teams) is updated frequently

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Why Choose KnowledgeWave?

Why choose us?

We are Microsoft 365 experts, and among the first to deliver training for Microsoft Teams. We have been in training for 20 years, since the first version of Microsoft Office was released.

We have thousands of satisfied customers throughout North America in business, government, not-for-profit, banking, healthcare, manufacturing and more.

We also show you ROI on your training investment. We insist on delivering value. If you follow our recommended process and your ROI doesn't exceed costs, we'll refund the difference.  

Optimize Your Microsoft Teams Training


KnowledgeWave Learning Site (KLS)

Subscription-based ongoing training. On-demand video tutorials and live training webinars for all your end users. Pricing is for the entire group, not per user. Your KLS plan forms the basis of the training relationship. Subscriptions require a 12-month minimum membership.

# of Employees KLS Subscription Plan Total Monthly Cost
Up to 20 Tier 1 $135/month
Up to 100 Tier 2 $235/month
Up to 200 Tier 3 $335/month
201 + Enterprise Call 800-831-8449

Private Training

Private training is available as an add-on to any KLS Plan. Subscription required.

Custom Interactive Webinar $750/webinar
  • Tailored to your needs
  • 45 min presentation w/ Q&A
Microsoft 365 Leadership Workshop $3,000
  • 1 hour intro/discovery call: environment, licensing, pain points
  • 2-3 hour Leadership Session: Vision Workshop – What Microsoft 365 Can Do
  • Recording provided after the event
  • Follow-up Recommendation Report as a PDF
Microsoft 365 ACM (Adoption and Change Management) Consulting $1,000/month
  • Weekly calls with your assigned ACM specialist
Onsite Training (plus travel and expenses) $2,000/day
  • Any topics covered in KLS: Microsoft 365, Soft Skills, Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, QuickBooks, etc. 
  • Must use your classroom/lab environment

See the pricing page for more details.

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