Excel 203: Link Workbooks and Create Advanced Formulas

This live training event focuses on how to work with formulas and functions in Excel. Don't spend another minute with manual calculations to find the answers to your business questions. Utilize the built-in functions in Excel and get accurate results in a snap! Learn to use formulas to perform calculations, and learn to use Excel’s predefined functions by plugging in your specific values. Linking workbooks enables you to divide large workbooks into several smaller ones, or join smaller workbooks into a larger one.

Recommended Duration: 45-minutes + Q & A

Core Objectives

  • Linking Workbooks
  • Using Absolute vs. Relative Copying
  • Absolute Formula References
  • The IF Function
  • VLOOKUP Function
  • Using a Nested IF Statement
  • The TODAY Function
  • Optional: The PMT function

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