Welcome to OneDrive for Business

In this session, we will introduce you to Microsoft OneDrive, which is changing the way we access, save and work with our files. OneDrive lets us access our content from almost any location and across devices. After this session you will have a stronger knowledge of OneDrive and the best practices for collaboration that will ultimately help you work more efficiently!

Recommended Duration: 45-minutes + Q & A

Core Objectives

  • OneDrive for Business vs. Other Cloud Storage Solutions
  • OneDrive vs. SharePoint, What is the Difference?
  • Adding your files to OneDrive
  • Working with OneDrive Files Through File Explorer
  • Working with Your OneDrive Files Locally in Your Apps
  • Accessing Your OneDrive Files Across Office 365
  • Sharing Your OneDrive Files with Colleagues
  • Sharing Your OneDrive Files with External Users
  • Managing your shared OneDrive Files
  • How OneDrive works with Microsoft Teams

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