Microsoft Planner and To Do

Microsoft provides many tools to help us manage our team-based tasks and our individual tasks. We can also utilize these via Microsoft Teams, our communications hub. In this session, we will look at Microsoft Planner and To Do so that you will have a basic understanding of what each does and how they can help you, your team, and projects stay organized. We will see how these applications are now integrated and available via Microsoft Teams.

Recommended Duration: 45-minutes + Q & A

Core Objectives

  • Create a Planner for a Group or Project
  • The Planner Hub and Your Planner Tasks
  • Cards and Buckets
  • Assign Plans and Tasks to Users
  • Create and Modify Tasks
  • What is To Do?
  • Create a To Do List
  • Accessing and Working with Your Planner Tasks in To Do
  • Planner and To Do Integration with Microsoft Teams

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