Excel 304: Automate Repetitive Tasks with Macros

A macro is a user-created program that automates one or more operations. You can record your mouse movements then play the same steps back later in another Excel worksheet. Macros can be used for common tasks, such as formatting or printing, and are useful for repetitive tasks, saving you hours of time. In this live training event, we will show you how to record and playback a macro as well as add a button to the Quick Access Toolbar. This will change the way you use Excel.

Recommended Duration: 45-minutes + Q & A

Core Objectives

  • Understand how macros work
  • Save and recall macros from the personal workbook
  • Difference between relative and absolute recording
  • Name and record a macro
  • Run the macro
  • Assign a keyboard shortcut
  • Assign macros to the quick access toolbar
  • Use the Visual Basic Editor to modify a macro

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