Overwhelmingly, the number one question KnowledgeWave receives around Office 365 is, "What should we use and when should we use it?" 

The challenge with that question is there isn't a one correct answer. It depends on the project, the team and how those member want to or need to work together to accomplish their goals. If you'd like to start using these tools, the video below shares the best way and the preferred order for setting up Office 365 Groups, Teams and Planner. Following this logical flow will limit duplication, and provide for better integrated use of these collaboration tools. 

KnowledgeWave offers indepth training options for Office 365 Groups, Team Sites (SharePoint), Microsoft Teams and Planner. If you're interested in learning more about any of these collaborating tools for your company or your clients, you should consider KnowledgeWave's MSP Partner Program.

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KnowledgeWave provides training on popular business software that your clients use every day. We love to partner with MSPs and VARs, leveraging established relationships to bring cost-effective training to your clients in a SaaS product-delivery model

You can use KnowledgeWave memberships to:

  • establish a significant passive recurring revenue stream for your organization
  • enhance your client relationships and improve retention rates
  • reduce incoming application support calls by improving clients’ Office, Google, Adobe and database skills
  • ease the transition to the cloud for your clients; we have extensive experience helping end-users make use of the latest collaboration features

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