This one-of-a-kind workshop designed for stakeholders is customized specifically for your organization. We will help you through the discovery and decision process related to the deployment of Microsoft Teams or help you better increase usage of Microsoft Teams.

This custom workshop is FREE with a KnowledgeWave Learning Site (KLS) Membership.* The workshop will cost $1,000.00 for organizations without an active KLS Membership.

Microsoft Teams: A Better Way to Communicate

Microsoft Teams is more than chat, meetings, and a hub for work files; it offers a place for team members to collaborate around their work projects by providing a location for unified communication, which in turn can increase business efficiency.

In the workshop you will discover the unified experience with Microsoft 365, you will learn in this workshop why this tool is positively impacting millions of businesses.

During this customized workshop we will discuss:

  • Why workplace communication is changing
  • How to communicate & collaborate using Teams
  • What tools are a part of Microsoft Teams
  • How Microsoft 365 works with Teams
  • How to share, meet, and collaborate using Teams
  • How to plan for change: User Acceptance & Adoption of Teams

During your workshop we will also address specific items identified from our pre-workshop planning call.

We value your time and ask that you value ours. We expect that key decision-makers take part in this workshop experience because they directly influence change within your organization. 

If you are at the early stages of planning, or need to spark increased collaboration in you business please complete the form on the right side of this page and we will contact you to discuss your specific considerations for implementing Microsoft Teams. Together we will find the best time to schedule your customized stakeholder workshop for Microsoft 365 and Teams.

*For new KLS Memberships. Minimum 12 Month KLS Membership Term Required. Workshop duration is approximately 60-90 minutes.