Planning Checklist to Help With Your Microsoft 365 Roll-Out 

adoption_planning_checklist_thumbRolling out Microsoft 365 is not just a technical task, it also requires end-user behavior change. This checklist can help you cover all the angles and plan for a successful deployment.

This handy checklist is FREE, and it's the first step in KnowledgeWave's Microsoft 365 Roll-Out package.

Our Microsoft 365 Roll-Out Package

The package includes:

  • Step 1: This adoption planning checklist
  • Step 2: Online Microsoft 365 training for all of your end-users. Includes on-demand as well as live online training.
  • Step 3: Optional weekly calls for deployment planning assistance; up to five calls are included in the package, and more can be purchased as needed
  • Step 4: Significant discounts on any custom or private Microsoft 365 training

Pricing depends on the number of end-users in your organization. This pricing is all-inclusive, not per-user.

Weekly Coaching Calls

In the optional calls, we'll be happy to walk you through the checklist at a pace that's manageable and appropriate for your needs. Each call typically takes around 15 minutes. Customers are saying:

  • "The calls keep my deployment planning on track"
  • "I like it. Doesn't take much time, helpful advice is offered."

Why KnowledgeWave?

KnowledgeWave is:

  • A Microsoft Certified Partner
  • A 20-year veteran of the software training industry
  • Best-of-breed for Microsoft 365 training
  • A trusted training provider for thousands of organizations across North America

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