5 Ways an End-User Learning Solution Helps Retain Your MSP Clients

Posted by Eric Sokolowski  /  October 27, 2020  / 

In the simplest terms, the two key ingredients for a successful MSP are signing new clients and retaining them. New competitors are entering the MSP landscape every day as VAR's are attracted to the recurring revenue stream.

Don’t look now, but you can be sure those competitors are targeting your customers with offers to deliver more value for less cost. According to this Charted Institute of Marketing study, "it costs between 4 and 10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one."

End Users Need Software Training

Here are 5 ways adding an end-user learning solution to your services mix will complete the client engagement circle, helping retain customers and keep competitors at bay:

  1. Preferred pricing
    Introduce a cost-effective solution with discounted prices available only through your MSP partnership.
  2. Empower users
    Provide relevant content so that users will embrace. Continuous learning available at fingertips will reduce support calls to your help desk.
  3. Proven engagement model
    Deliver a coordinated, blended-learning solution that combines the different components and modalities of training into a single easy-to-use system.
  4. Measured ROI metrics
    Arm your AM's with valuable, useful metrics to make it easy for your clients to evaluate the effectiveness of their investment.
  5. Drive user engagement
    Transform business by providing best practices for achieving successful user adoption thus increasing the bond between you and your client as a trusted partner.

KnowledgeWave is a b2b solution for end user software training. The KnowledgeWave Learning Site fits nicely into your MSP program and provides a solution to expand your service offering, reduce end-user support calls and ultimately retain the business you worked so hard to earn!

We offer a straightforward but generous partner program with multiple options to best fit your strategic goals. If this sounds interesting to you, please set up a demo today. We will be happy to show you the KnowledgeWave Learning Site and go over the benefits of our partner program. 

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