Microsoft Office 2010 Backstage Video

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  September 22, 2010  /  Industry News   —   No Comments ↓

Are you researching a move to Office 2010? Make sure to check out the Backstage videos to learn more about what went into the development of Office 2010.

In this short video Antonie Leblond shares some of the goals of the Microsoft Office Team while developing the latest version of Microsoft Office. The Microsoft engineers spent 100's of thousands of hours developing this new tool and they wanted to provide new ways to express ideas and provide tools to bring those ideas to life. Office 2010 provides more ways to collaborate with others and extends the reach of Office beyond that of your desktop PC with Microsoft Web Applications. Office 2010 had the largest ever beta audience with 7.5 million beta users! 100's of thousands of users provided feedback to provide real world data.

Watch this great intro to Office 2010 and be sure to check out others available on the backstage.

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