Did you know you can schedule time to work remotely with our instructors?

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  March 1, 2011  /  KnowledgeWave News   —   No Comments ↓

For nearly two decades we have provided “Productivity Days” with our instructors working at client sites meeting hands-on targeted real world needs. With our new remote training services we have expanded to offer live support that doesn’t require travel. Work remotely from your desk in a collaborative one-on-one or many-to-one environment. We can help with topics that range from Windows Server Technologies, Adobe Creative Suite to the Microsoft Office applications with SQL and Access Database support and mentoring being a specialty! Contact a representative today to learn how you can take advantage of our instructor’s expertise to help you meet your immediate needs.

Our services provide you the training and support you need, where and when you want it! Contact KnowledgeWave at 800-831-8449 and we can provide additional details.

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