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KLS ( the KnowledgeWave Learning Site) is an online learning portal that provides continuous learning on popular business software for business users. With over 1,200 video tutorials and more added on a regular basis, often times based on member requests, Log on to Learn is the most affordable and comprehensive training platform on the web for the Microsoft Office.

Training Videos Form the Foundation

Online videos are the heart of our learning library. Up your game with short task-oriented videos to help you solve a specific problem, or comprehensive courses to help advance your software skills more dramatically.

For some learners, videos are all they need to achieve their learning goals. But videos aren’t always enough. That’s why live instruction and expert services are an integrated part of our solution. Watch our 3 minute video to learn all about KnowledgeWave.


Live Webinars Provide That Personal Touch

Short and sweet, webinars respect your busy schedule and give you access to our expert instructors. Some members say that having a live instructor and the ability to ask questions is their favorite way to learn.

Group accounts also include private webinars, customized for your organization and available only to your team. 

Take Classes Live from Your Desk

Many still consider live classroom training to be the gold standard. Live instructor. Guided practice. Immersive experience. It’s just so darn effective and engaging.

Attend remotely using our virtual classroom, and it feels like you are in the room with the instructor.


When you have an instructor all to yourself, you can focus on features and shortcuts that are most relevant to your workflow. It’s like your own personal productivity sherpa.


You’ve been wrestling with a complicated spreadsheet. Or you inherited a database from Bob (who doesn’t work there anymore) and it needs to be updated. You’re frustrated, or you’re procrastinating (for good reason). We can help! Our experts love this stuff.

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