Office 2013: How to Have an Easy Upgrade

Posted by Jennifer Patterson  /  August 26, 2014  /  KnowledgeWave News   —   No Comments ↓

Training will help maintain - and increase - your team's productivity after an upgrade.

It can be disorienting when you upgrade to the newest version of Microsoft Office. The familiar interface has changed. Your old faithful buttons have moved. Things behave differently.

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Our Office 2013 New Features Training is effective and affordable. We will help your team quickly get comfortable in the updated software. Training packages are tailored to your needs using a mix of classroom training, remote training, online video tutorials and live webinars.

Learn about cool new features that will save you time. We love it when you say, “Wow!”

Just this past week we had a client who walked into class grumbling about upgrading. By the time he left our Office 2013 New Features Training, he was pestering his IT team to upgrade his machine as soon as possible. He wanted to take advantage of all the great features and put all of his new learning into practice.

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