Technology Certifications and Employment Opportunities

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Great Certifications


Join KnowledgeWave for an informational session about today’s top technology certifications. Technical certifications and what they mean have changed considerably since the 2000’s. Learn the new ins and outs of the Microsoft MCSA tracks and discuss options for Project Management and Six Sigma certification and what they can mean for your career.

KnowledgeWave brings nearly two decades of experience working with both businesses and individuals, staying current on the latest and most desired certifications, as well as the technology expertise that businesses are seeking in qualified applicants.

Join us as we discuss the advantages of adding a certification to your resume. Whether you’re looking for career advancement and a higher earning potential, or you’ve been “down-sized” or laid off, or maybe you’ve taken early retirement only to realize you still want to or need to work, this session will help you understand that change can be a positive thing.

Topics Covered
• Vermont industry market for certifications
• Top certification programs and the associated earning potential
• Technical training vs. higher education and the benefits of each
• How hard is it really? Can I do it? How long does it take?
• Funding options, including federal funds that could pay 100%

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Date: This event happened in the past.  Please call us at 800-831-8449 to schedule an appointment with a certification pro!

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