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Tips for Older Workers: Magnify the Text on Your Computer Screen

Posted by David Thibault  /  April 24, 2015  / 

This is the third in a series of 4 posts about simple computer adjustments that can make a world of difference for older workers. Microsoft Windows has some great tools to help accomodate changes in vision and dexterity that can happen as our bodies age.

In addition to personalizing your screen resolution, which makes everything larger, and text-size adjustments, you can also magnify quickly on-the-fly with this great shortcut.

Magnify the Text on Your Computer Screen

Is the font size on your computer getting smaller? It seems that every time you view a webpage, email, or document it is just too small to read? You’ve tried on several different pairs of glasses that you have kicking around on your desk, only to find that you still cannot read it clearly. Well you are not alone. One of my all-time favorite keyboard shortcut / mouse combinations can help you quickly increase the font size on your computer screen making it much easier to read.

1. Open up a webpage, email, or document.

2. Press and hold down the Ctrl key and move the scroll wheel forward or backwards (for more information read paragraph below).

On the keyboard locate and hold down the Ctrl key button, (located in the lower left). While continuing to hold down the Ctrl key button, move the mouse scroll wheel, (located on top of the mouse), forward, (increase viewing size), or backward, (decreasing viewing size). Only move the wheel back and forth and not the mouse. You will notice that the viewing size changes on your computer screen. Changing the viewing size has no effect on printing webpages, emails, or documents.



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