Boost Your Productivity with Microsoft Teams Chat with Self

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Boost Your Productivity with Microsoft Teams Chat with Self

I've discovered a game-changing feature in Microsoft Teams that has quickly become a favorite of mine - The Microsoft Teams 'Chat with Self' feature. I use it daily, and I'm thrilled to share how it has revolutionized my note-taking process with you.

Fast & Easy

First, I have always been an old-school pencil-to-paper writer. Now, I find the new Teams 'Chat with Self' feature a better tool because it is faster and easier for me to take notes compared to handwriting. Along with that, I can edit my notes quicker than scratching or erasing my errors. 

Access Anywhere

Another huge benefit is Microsoft Teams is easy to access from any device, anywhere, at any time. As long as I am connected to the cloud, I can access the Microsoft Teams app. With the Teams App on my mobile device, I can use the 'Chat with Self' to take notes on the go. When I travel, walk the dog, or just remember something I want to investigate later, I can just click on the app on my phone and make some quick notes. If I am walking, flying, or in a meeting, when ideas come to me, I can quickly add them to my 'Chat with Self' without having to remember to add them to my notebook later. No more frustration trying to remember, “Now what was I thinking about earlier?” 

Microsoft Teams Integration

Also, because it is in Teams, I can take those notes and easily integrate or copy them into what I am writing. I can tie my notes to a Task, or my Calendar, or even add a file to them. I can use my own pictures in my presentations so now I can take a picture and save it right to my OneNote, either as a note in the chat or as a file in my self-chat.

Even though this Teams feature is designed for my personal use, I can still integrate with my work team by sharing my notes with another user or sharing it with a team. I do not have to re-write my thoughts and send an email or even a separate chat. The ability to quickly and easily share my thoughts is a major benefit. If I do want to keep my thoughts to myself, I can. I am the one who chooses whether or not I want to share these private notes with the rest of my team members in other work areas within Microsoft Teams.

I can even share my Loop Components with my Team members within the 'Chat with Self' feature. KnowledgeWave members can see more in our Loop on-demand webinar video:

Microsoft Live Lists: Loop Components

Safe & Secure

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I know my Teams environment is secure, and therefore, so are the thoughts that I jot down in my Teams 'Chat with Self'. Due to Microsoft 365 Multi-factor Authentication, data encryption, and secure cloud computing, I know my ideas and notes are safe. 

I personally cannot say enough about Microsoft Teams 'Chat with Self' feature. Microsoft Teams 'Chat with Self' has transformed the way I work and collaborate. I encourage you to give it a try and experience the excitement of increased productivity firsthand. I hope you try it, and that it excites you to do more work and collaboration as I do!


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