Add the 3-day Weather Forecast to Outlook 2013

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  September 3, 2014  /  Outlook   —   No Comments ↓

For many of us, our planning revolves around our calendar AND outside conditions. Outlook 2013 offers a handy new bar that provides the 3 day weather forecast for up to three locations! This may be something that you didn’t know existed, but may not be able to live without once you activate it! Before scheduling meetings, you may want to know the weather, especially if you’re traveling to a different city. Knowing the weather can be helpful when planning for travel to a conference or even a vacation! Do I need a sweater, shorts, an umbrella, or is a big storm coming in that will delay flights or close down roads?

Add your favorite cities to the Weather Bar to quickly switch to the three-day forecast for up to five cities. Forecasts are even available for cities worldwide for that global travel. Hovering the mouse pointer over each forecast gives you further details such as wind condition, humidity level and precipitation

Check out how to use this useful, yet hidden, new feature!

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