Recording Narration in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

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Record a Narration During a Presentation PowerPoint icon

If you want to capture your own comments, the comments of your audience, or both during your presentation, you can turn on narration before you begin your presentation.

1. In Normal view, select the slide that you want to start the recording on.
2. On the Slide Show tab, in the Set Up group, click Record Narration Button image.
3. Click Set Microphone Level, follow the directions to set your microphone level, and then click OK.
4. Do one of the following:
* To embed (embedded object: Information (object) contained in a source file and inserted into a destination file. Once embedded, the object becomes part of the destination file. Changes you make to the embedded object are reflected in the destination file.) the narration, click OK.
* To link the narration, select the Link narrations in check box, click Browse, click a folder in the list, and then click Select.
5. If you selected the first slide to begin the recording on, go to step 6.
If you selected a different slide to begin the recording on, the Record Narration dialog box appears. Do one of the following:
* To start the narration on the first slide in the presentation, click First Slide.
* To start the narration on the currently selected slide, click Current Slide.
6. In Slide Show view, add your speaker comments along with any audience comments, and then click the slide to advance to the next slide. Repeat this process for all the slides in your presentation.
Tip: To pause and resume the narration, right-click the slide, and then on the shortcut menu (shortcut menu: A menu that shows a list of commands relevant to a particular item. To display a shortcut menu, right-click an item or press SHIFT+F10.), click either Pause Narration or Resume Narration.
7. Click the black Exit screen.
8. The narration is automatically saved, and a message appears asking if you want to save the timings for the presentation as well. Do one of the following:
* To save the timings, click Save. Your slides appear in Slide Sorter view, with the slide timings shown below each slide.
* To cancel the timings, click Don't Save.

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