What's the Key to a Successful SharePoint Migration?

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continuous-improvement-processWhat is the key to a successful SharePoint migration? I think that we can all agree that a successful migration depends on a team of individuals who understand how it works! 

In my opinion, one of the biggest migration fails is the oversight of training. Bear with me, here. Training doesn't have to be scary. Not just the training of End Users but Power Users, as well. As a MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) at KnowledgeWave, I've had the opportunity to deliver many trainings on SharePoint to organizations both big and small. I've discovered that even presenting to the Power Users what the End Users will see gets the wheels turning as they think about the amazing benefits or the terrifying pitfalls. As for the End User training, it is important to gain user adoption. Empower them to understand how it works and how it will improve their productivity, efficiency, and consistency. The idea is to create a culture where "SharePoint" isn't a bad word. Change is tough and can be frustrating. Having the foresight to properly prepare for such change will create better user adoption. 

Training everyone can be an impossible task

Most of us understand that getting everyone in the organization to attend an instructor-led class is nearly impossible (although important, depending on their role). That's the reality. Also, it can be very expensive. Not to mention, someone could attend an all-day training session when they only need a few key points to do their job more effectively within the SharePoint environment. Just as there are different user roles in SharePoint, there are different levels of training that people will require. Believe me, the term "End User" is very broad. So, what's the solution? I recommend a blended solution that includes leveraging the power of on-demand video training. On-demand video can be a less expensive alternative that can be immensely helpful to your migration (you can even monitor ROI and track usage). KnowledgeWave has a solution for video training that can include custom video content for organizations, specific for how our clients’ environments are used and governed. Everyone uses SharePoint differently. 

Engage users with rewards and specific topics

We reward those who utilize the content through the use of gamification and achievements to better engage users and promote participation. Our on-demand solution, blended with live training both virtually and in-person, helps to create a tipping point for user adoption. 

Here's an example: If a user wants to learn a little bit more about finding content they could spend a quick 2 minutes watching a video and find exactly what they need. Done. They could also watch another video that is 30-minutes to get a more in-depth look. The more they watch, the more knowledge they gain...and the more achievements they get! The reality is that the user needs to understand what's in it for them. Another thing to consider is the potential of overwhelming phone calls, help desk tickets, and emails. The on-demand solutions that we offer are just a click away and allow people to focus on what they need, when they need it.


A Power User, on the other hand, may require additional details on best practices for tagging content to display in search results. That user type may attend a live 60-minute webinar covering additional topics with the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the presenter.

Consider the best way to provide help that users need, when they need it. Have the foresight to not provide training months before migration or even months after migration. Again, create a tipping point for user adoption. Blended training will hone in on what is important and when it is important.

Training your users doesn't have to be difficult or incredibly expensive. I will tell you, however, that it is invaluable to your organization when leveraged properly.

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