Transition to Teams

Get step-by-step help for a successful Teams roll-out

Deploying Teams: pretty straightforward.
Getting your people to actually use Teams effectively: not so straightforward.

Microsoft Teams is full of features that are designed to enable organizations to enhance teamwork and improve daily work practices. While this can drastically improve the way in which your team operates, it’s not an overnight transformation.

Microsoft Partner stackedAs a Microsoft Certified Partner, we've seen too many deployments fizzle because there wasn't a good adoption strategy in place. You need a plan. You need a blueprint.

An effective adoption strategy will help:

  • Improve the likelihood of a successful deployment.
  • Employees understand the changes in behavior that are required.
  • Get better return on the software investment your organization is making.

Recent research* shows that organizations are six times more likely to meet or exceed business objectives when effective change management is in place. Our Adoption and Change Management (ACM) consultants will coach you through our proven step-by-step adoption process. With the purchase of a KnowledgeWave Learning Site (KLS) Membership, weekly ACM coaching is included to help guide you through your deployment process. 

Microsoft Teams Adoption Planning Checklist

Learn More about our Microsoft Teams Adoption Planning ChecklistAlso included with your purchase of KnowledgeWave's Microsoft Teams Roll-Out package, our adoption planning checklist can help you cover all the angles and plan for a successful deployment.

This handy checklist is FREE as part of KnowledgeWave's Microsoft Teams Roll-Out package (described on!)

Microsoft Teams Stakeholder Introductory Workshop

Included with your purchase of KnowledgeWave's Microsoft Teams Roll-Out package, our stakeholder intro workshop is designed for leadership, champions, and decision-makers. We'll help you envision what Teams can bring to your organization and facilitate conversations around which tools and practices will be the best fit for you. This custom workshop is free with the purchase of a KnowledgeWave Membership.** Cost is $750.00 without membership.

Why Training is Key

Once your stakeholders have defined a vision of how Teams will be used, it's time to get your end-users on board. 

People don’t change automatically. Resistance to change is a standard human behavior that takes time and effort to work through.

As a national leader in Microsoft Teams Training, we've got you covered on this one!

Our best-in-class training approach includes multiple modalities, including: on-demand videos, live webinars, and live instructor-led classes, online or in person.

The Microsoft Teams Roll-Out Package

If you are looking for assistance for your deployment, all you have to do is to purchase a KnowledgeWave Learning Site (KLS) subscription sized appropriately for the number of people on your team.**


With the purchase of a KnowledgeWave membership, the roll-out package benefits include:

  • 1 Free Microsoft Teams Introductory Workshop for Stakeholders
  • KnowledgeWave's Microsoft Teams Adoption Planning Checklist
  • Weekly Teams Deployment Planning Assistance calls (Optional. Up to five 15-min calls included, more can be purchased as needed.)
  • Standard online Teams training for end users
  • Significant discounts on any custom or onsite Teams training

See the pricing page for more details.

Weekly Deployment Planning Assistance Calls

In the optional calls, we'll be happy to walk you through the checklist at a pace that's manageable and appropriate for your needs. Each call is max 15 minutes. Customers are saying:

  • "The calls keep my deployment planning on track"
  • "I like it. Doesn't take much time, helpful advice is offered."

Why KnowledgeWave?

Why choose us?

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we are Office 365 experts, and we were among the first to develop and deliver training for Microsoft Teams. We have been in the training business for 20 years, ever since the very first version of Microsoft Office was released.

You'll find hundreds of satisfied KnowledgeWave customers throughout North America in business, government, not-for-profit, banking, healthcare, manufacturing and more. (We can put you in touch if you want to check our references.)

We also show you training ROI and KnowledgeWave usage information for all of your KLS users.

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*Prosci, Best Practices in Change Management, 2018.

**Minimum 6 Month KLS Membership Term Required.