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Why You Need Training

This content was updated on 9/1/2020 to focus specifically on Microsoft Teams Training. The content previously on this page, describing what Microsoft Teams is, has moved here.

Using Microsoft Teams is a new way to work for many users. Teams is a combination of many tools: chat, file storage, meetings, and many more. It presents a way for businesses to work with their business content that often can reduce email clutter and allow conversations to happen more dynamically and efficiently. Users are not just learning how to use software as much as improving work processes and understanding how Teams can bring efficiency to how they work with their business content and colleagues.

A Microsoft Partner with Experience

As recognized Microsoft Teams experts, KnowledgeWave provides training and guidance for businesses using or looking to use Microsoft Teams. Our proven learning modalities provide companies with the flexibility to address different learning styles most affordably, enabling their businesses to deploy Teams quickly and spark user adoption at the same time. As a Microsoft Partner, our in-house Service Adoption Specialists can assist your organization with everything from planning for change, Teams and Microsoft 365 governance, to training and support.

A turn-key training solution or a holding hand

KnowledgeWave works with each client uniquely, depending on the level of involvement our client wants us to have with them and their users. It is often a direct result of the skill level and experience the organization and IT team has with Microsoft 365 and MS Teams. On the lightest of touches, we advise and provide access to our Online Learning Library, the KnowledgeWave Learning Site (KLS). Every company we work with receives a copy of our Microsoft 365 Adoption Planning Checklist.

Learn More about our Microsoft Teams Adoption Planning Checklist

This checklist has topics instrumental in the deployment of Microsoft 365 and tools like Microsoft Teams because while you can dial back functionality, successful deployment of Teams requires more than just turning it on. User collaboration uses both OneDrive and SharePoint to store files. KnowledgeWave is your partner, and our Service Adoption Specialists, are resources that can guide you through defining a plan and strategy to assist your organization with considerations around document management across Microsoft 365. For example, how to best integrate content in Teams, which is quickly becoming the premiere communication and collaboration hub for businesses.

We believe in transparency and giving back

We publish the rates for our learning site, the entry point solution for many of our clients, on our website. We will share recommendations, best practices and what we have done that has been successful for others, but we support your specific/specialized goals and deployment needs. We recommend a solution that works with your budget.

We are upfront and believe that every organization deploying Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, which is seeking Microsoft Teams Training, should leverage an on-demand learning solution that can be also be used for user communications and support. We share with all our prospective clients that on-demand learning is only one piece of the solution. That internally, or with KnowledgeWave’s assistance, organizations should host awareness sessions for their users, and where appropriate interactive planning, discovery, and learning sessions for champions and leadership.

Organizations deploying modern workplace solutions for Teams need to understand the awareness needed as well as the training for three core groups of users:

  • End-users,
  • Champions
  • IT Staff/Business Leadership

Successful adoption of Microsoft Teams isn’t just specific to Teams. Building a modern workplace environment is changing how people work and we believe some of the training we provide should be free to everyone. That’s why we make some of our training like, How to Be an Effective Employee While Working Remotely and tips like using Presenter View in Microsoft Teams completely free.

Optimize Your Microsoft Teams Training

Teams Training Modalities

One size does not fit all.

That’s specifically true with a Teams deployment where some organizations limit Teams to instant messaging (IM)and meetings, while other businesses open up Teams completely. Some organizations have well-thought-out governance plans that include a planned Teams architecture and process for provisioning new Teams. Others with self-service governance.

Some organizations just turn it on with the understanding that they will come back and define policy controls later. Since each business' need for Microsoft Teams Training is unique to them, they need a Microsoft Partner that has the experience and offers various solutions to meet their unique timing and environment’s situation.

Our Suggested Approach

KnowledgeWave’s Recommended Approach to Microsoft Teams Training

Start here

Start with the KnowledgeWave Learning Site (KLS)

Target Audience: End-Users, Champions (SME’s), and Leadership.

KLS is an on-demand video learning system that can be used around your deployment road map, where you can customize content that is surfaced to your employees. With complete transparent pricing, you know the costs, and with no long-term commitment, KLS is the easiest way to Optimize Microsoft Teams Training for your users. Businesses subscribing to KLS also have access to our live instructor-led member webinars with no additional investment. Live webinar training provides the opportunity for your employees to ask questions to a real person. Our team members are content creators, which is extremely important when we are talking about a product like Microsoft Teams, which updates so incredibly often. Our on-demand learning content and webinar schedule address change as it happens. Sign Up for the KnowledgeWave Learning Site here.

KW Pricing

Customized Offerings

Next, consider adding Customized Private Webinars for your team.

Start here graphicRecommended

Target Audience: End-User, Champions (SME’s), and Leadership.

KnowledgeWave recommends that all organizations deploying and looking to adopt Office 365 and tools like Microsoft Teams, deliver a live webinar-based training session that shares the message around the reason for moving to tools like Teams, and shows the basics of how the tools being deployed can benefit the users in your business.

KnowledgeWave can deliver this type of event around your message or you can do it yourself. Delivering this type of Awareness Session can help to put users at ease and helps those that fear change. It can also help to identify potential champions that may envision ways they can use the Office 365 tools to work more efficiently in their day-to-day business workflow.

You can train your entire team affordably and as a KnowledgeWave Learning Site customer, we host the video on your learning site at no additional charge. If you want to go straight to on-demand, we can run this event without the audience and provide you with a finalized branded video that can be added to your KnowledgeWave dashboard, or provided to you as an .mp4 file.

Examples of Private Webinars We’ve Hosted for our Clients

Why Microsoft 365, and the Benefits

  • Microsoft 365 for the New User
  • Getting Started with Microsoft Teams
  • Meet like a Pro with Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Teams, Security and Control for the Owner
  • Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, Working Together
  • Using Microsoft SharePoint with Microsoft Teams
  • Getting Started with OneDrive for Business


Consider, Customized Hands-on Workshops where they can best help your organization.

Target Audience: Champions (SME’s), and Leadership.

Workshops are active sessions designed to help organization better understand the layers of Microsoft 365, and how the Microsoft 365 toolkit works across Microsoft 365. Workshops provide a more hands-on approach to learning and helps organization better visualize how they might use Microsoft 365 tools around their business workflow. The audience for a workshop will vary depending on topic. KnowledgeWave is a recognized expert for Microsoft 365, you know your workflow, together we look at how your business can leverage Microsoft 365 around your processes to build a modern workplace with new efficiency. Webinars are presented as a one-to-many event, whereas workshops are presented to small groups, usually key personnel that serve as leaders for change.

Rates will vary, depending on the type and duration required.

Examples of Customized Hands-on Workshops for our Clients

  • User Adoption and Communication Strategies
  • Microsoft Teams Introduction Workshop
  • Planning your Teams and SharePoint Architecture
  • Planning Teams Governance
  • Security and Compliance with Microsoft 365
  • Configuring and Setting up Microsoft Bookings

Additional Opportunities


Optional, 90-minute a hands-on training

Target: User and Champions (SME’s).

With today's remote working climate and the need for online collaboration, KnowledgeWave offers both public and private 90-minute hands-on classes. Hands-on learning done online provides attendees with the ability to do versus just watching.

This hands-on modality addresses the needs of some learners and can be a great option for SME’s in organizations. Hands on learning for those supporting users around Microsoft Teams deployments and provides a way to benchmark skills across a target user group. This type of asynchronous training with smaller groups (10 or less) also provides a watch-then-do experience with complete interaction from one of our expert instructors. Participants can communicate with the other training attendees and ask our experts questions that directly relate to how Teams will be used in their organization.

Examples of Customized 90-Minute Live Instructor-led classes

  • Microsoft Teams in Education
  • Getting Started with Microsoft 365
  • Getting Started with Microsoft Teams
  • Using Teams for Meetings and Live Events
  • Getting Started with OneDrive for Business
  • Getting Started with Microsoft Planner

See our Open Enrollment Schedule and other Titles


Optional, Onsite Training Sessions.

Target Audience: Champions (SME’s), and Leadership. 

Onsite training is still considered the Gold Standard, where our instructor/consultant is onsite with you and your team. KnowledgeWave still offers onsite training.

This premium solution is completely customized to meet the needs of your company and its road map for Microsoft technology deployment. Onsite training may consist of various modalities that could include presentations, workshops, or specific task-based learning sessions like those listed under on 90-minute classes.

Before you choose this session as your desired way to train your employees, we recommend speaking with one of our Service Adoption Specialists. Our team can come on site, we love to travel and embrace the white-glove approach, however, because we are teaching your team on cloud-based products like OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams, we highly recommend using cloud-based tools to deliver the training in order to boost user adoption of your cloud software. Onsite, live in person training is a great approach, and for those that have budget, we can and will come to you.


Every organization, and actually every department within an organization, will use the tools and applications provided by Microsoft 365 and Teams in different ways to meet their own business challenges and goals.

We work with our clients to build tailored training and adoption support, based on the experience we have gained working with organizations that have already made the transition to a modern workplace.

We look forward to assisting you, and your organization, as you begin your move to Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Optimize Your Microsoft Teams Training

About KnowledgeWave

For the past 20 years, KnowledgeWave has been helping companies deploy and adopt the latest business software. We stay up to date with the most recent software features and are constantly adding additional training to our online learning library, the KnowledgeWave Learning Site.

As a Microsoft Partner, we stay on top of all the newest features released within Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. We pride ourselves on having helped hundreds of organizations throughout North America deploy business solutions for their organizations.

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If you are researching, considering, or planning on deploying Teams or Microsoft 365 within your organization, let us help guide you through the process. We offer:

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