Introducing Skype for Business

Posted by Jon Hood  /  April 30, 2015  /  Industry News, Microsoft 365, Workplace Culture   —   No Comments ↓

When do I get Skype for Business? If you’re currently use Lync Online in Office 365, you’ll get Skype for Business sometime by the end of May 2015! It is automatically replacing Microsoft Lync as a robust and unified collaboration and communication platform. What is Skype for Business?

Well, Skype for Business is based on the familiar Skype experience that millions of people use all the time. The cool thing is that it is now built right into Microsoft Office and unifies all of the tools that we use to communicate. You’ll still enjoy Lync features like presence, IM, voice and video calls, and online meetings but, with Skype for Business, you can search for and connect with anyone in the Skype network. Don't worry whether they’re inside or outside your organization…it doesn’t matter!

One of my favorite new features is that you can use the Present Button and click on My Notes to instantly use OneNote to take notes during the meeting! This amazing integration with other Office Applications makes my workflow seamless. I can easily share my OneNote meeting notes with my team right away using Outlook and it even pulls in the time and date of the meeting...even all of the participants and how they joined the meeting. The user interface is similar, yet has a better look and feel. I think that you'll love the familiary of both Lync and Skype rolled into one perfect communication tool.

What are some of the Skype for Business features?


















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