KnowledgeWave's Professional Development Leadership Program

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Professional Development Leadership Program

How does your organization promote “Leadership”?

If you are like most organizations staff that rise to leadership self-select through performance that is largely based on inherent leadership skills. Everyone has heard the phrase “born leaders”, but is this really the best way to create a culture of leadership?

Many times, people are put into leadership positions and simply succeed or fail based on their own ability to build leadership skills.

KnowledgeWave has created a one day “Introduction to Leadership” class that is designed to create awareness around what it means to be a leader, and the tools that leaders use to build successful teams.

Topics include:

Defining Leadership

Once you learn the techniques of true Leadership and Influence, you will be able to build the confidence it takes to take lead. The more experience you have acting as a genuine leader, the easier it will be for you. It is never easy to take the lead, as you will need to make decisions and face challenges, but it can become natural and rewarding.

Employee Motivation

The Employee Motivation objectives will give participants several types of tools to become a great motivator, including goal setting and influencing skills. Participants will also learn about five of the most popular motivational models, and how to bring them together to create a custom program.

Communication Strategy

The Communication Strategies objectives will help participants understand the different methods of communication and how to make the most of each of them. These strategies will provide a great benefit for any organization and its employees. They will trickle down throughout the organization and positively impact everyone involved.

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring focuses on how to better coach your employees to higher performance. Coaching is a process of relationship building and setting goals. How well you coach is related directly to how well you can foster a great working relationship with your employees through understanding them and strategic goal setting.

The class is designed to be taught as a private onsite session and can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

If you are looking to build Leadership skills within your organization, and would like additional information on the class, please feel free to call or email.

Our “Introduction to Leadership” is just one of the professional development classes that we can offer your organization. If you are looking for a specific professional development topic, please call or email.

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."
- John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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