Discovering the Power of Conditional Formatting in Excel 2013

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Excel 2013Get the look, flow and feel you want with your spreadsheet my making your own rules! Excel has seriously powerful and useful tools that can apply formatting rules to specific sections of your spreadsheet. Conditional Formatting does just what its name implies. First, a certain criteria is set for a data range (i.e. values greater than 1000). Then users can define the formatting characteristics (i.e. bold and red text). Once you’ve set conditions and formatting, Excel finds the values matching our criteria and applies the appropriate formatting.

This 30 minute live session will open up new possibilities within your Excel worksheets by creating, managing and maintaining formatting rules that apply under circumstances that you define! This session’s difficulty is appropriate for beginner to advanced user. If you’re not sure what Conditional Formatting is, this is must attend event.

Date: Wednesday, December 17th, 2014
Start ime: 1:00 PM EDT
Duration: 30 Minutes
Fee: No Fee!

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Can’t make this live training session? Check out our site for great on-demand video content. A seven day free trial is available. No credit card required.

Topics: Excel, KnowledgeWave News, Microsoft Office 365