Tip: Keep Your Inbox Clean with Outlook’s Conversation Clean Up feature

Posted by Dan St. Hilaire  /  October 31, 2011  /  Outlook   —   1 Comments ↓

We all could benefit from tools to help keep our inbox from becoming cluttered and unruly. This new feature deletes older messages from a conversation while preserving the newest instance in the thread. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about lost details because Outlook looks at the content of emails and deletes earlier messages that have duplicate content but will not delete messages with attachments.

To use this feature you must first turn on the Conversation View by going to the View tab and then checking the Show as Conversations button.

To later clean up a conversation, right click on the latest message in the thread, right click and choose Clean Up Conversation.

To use the default settings click Clean Up. To adjust or view the Clean Up settings, go to the File tab and click Options. Go to the Mail tab and go to the Conversation Clean Up region.

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