[webinar] Keep up with the Latest App for Office 365: Planner

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use Planner, it's better than sticky notesI know we've talked about it before...but here at KnowledgeWave we are using Planner more and more for all of our team's work, and we keep getting more addicted to it. 

If you have Office 365, Planner is perfect for keeping track of ongoing teamwork or small projects.

To give you an idea of how it works, within a given plan, we often create tasks that contain checklists and hyperlinks to related documents. Then we might assign the task back-and-forth depending on which team member is up next to move the work along down the figurative assembly line. We typically add comments and notes along the way. It's a really intuitive and easy way to keep track of our shared daily work, from video production, to customer onboarding, to marketing activities.

Join us for a half-hour LIVE webinar for an intro to Office 365 Planner, a great new teamwork planning tool.


Webinar: Got Office 365? Planner is Here!

By the end of this 30 minute free webinar, you'll be ready to get started with Planner. We’ll begin with a tour of the interface and go over some example plans. Then we'll show you how to create a plan and some tasks, and we'll explore boards, buckets and charts.

This webinar took place in the past but the good news is that we recorded it! 

It's in our video library in the KnowledgeWave Learning Site. Sign up for a 30 day trial (no credit card required) to watch this Planner webinar and thousands more!

Get Microsoft 365 Training Today

Planner is a great example of how cloud technology just keeps moving steadily forward, often without much fanfare.

The new features are often huge time savers or collaboration boons, and worth taking advantage of. But some people find it hard to keep up.

We strive to create training for your team that fits into busy schedules, keeps your team current, and energizes your organization's work. 

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