Introducing the KnowledgeWave ProDev Presentation Skills Series

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ProDev Presentation Skills Series

With the growth of remote working, be it due to COVID-19 or the growth of our organizations, now more than ever, we are all providing more presentations. Sometimes technical challenges can arise while giving these presentations, for example: Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, and other technologies sometimes don't work the way we want them to. Non-technical issues can also provide a challenge: How can you give a great presentation when you are not in the same room your audience, or maybe we have a fear of public speaking?

In this webinar series, we will teach you how to focus on your strengths and help you build confidence in your presentation skills.  We will also help you identify your weaknesses while working to improve those skills, provided they continue to build your confidence. 

We will share the best practices of the most admired presenters and speakers as well as share plenty of resources for you to continue your journey towards giving the best presentations of your career. 

To help get you started, our first Module is now available to members of the KnowledgeWave Learning Site: Introduction to Presentation Skills. In this module, we introduce you to the basics of great presentations. We also list the typical strengths and weaknesses of presenters and how to avoid common presentation traps.


  • Common Myths of Great Presentations 
  • Avoid Trying to Be Like Someone Else When Presenting 
  • Finding Your Voice and Getting That in Your Presentation
  • Discover Your Strengths and Build on Those for Your Presentation
  • Create Your Beginning, Middle, and End for Your Presentation
  • Include Your “Aha!” Moment in Your Presentation

Additional Modules 

Other modules will follow. Here is a list of all the modules in this series: 
(Each of these modules is one hour in duration. If you are a current KnowledgeWave Member, click the links below to open the video in your KLS account! Links will continue to be added as more modules become available.)

  • Introduction to Presentation Skills 
  • Public Speaking for the Presenter 
  • Building a Story for Your Presentation 
  • Making the Presentation Your Own 
  • PowerPoint Tips and Best Practices 
  • Advanced Skills for Great Presentations 

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