Mastering SharePoint Lists: A Training Guide

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Mastering SharePoint Lists - A Training Guide

SharePoint, being a robust and widely used platform, often presents challenges when it comes to grasping its core fundamentals. At KnowledgeWave, we understand the importance of bridging this knowledge gap for beginner SharePoint users. That's why we offer comprehensive training options tailored to unlock the key concepts and fundamentals needed for success. If you're looking to bring your team up to speed, our expertise extends to essential SharePoint features such as Lists and Libraries. With KnowledgeWave, you can confidently empower your team to master SharePoint Lists and maximize their potential. If you plan on tackling training internally, we recommend the following training guide specific to SharePoint Lists.

We Focus on 6 Areas Specific to SharePoint Lists 

  1. What are Lists?
  2. Creating and Customizing Lists
  3. Data Entry and Validation
  4. List Views and Filtering
  5. Basic Workflow and Automation
  6. A look at Advanced List Features  

What are SharePoint Lists

SharePoint lists embody structured collections of data that can be tailored to meet diverse requirements. From basic task lists to complex inventory management systems, SharePoint lists offer efficient storage, management, and collaboration capabilities. They serve as the foundation for streamlining business processes, empowering organizations to operate seamlessly. KnowledgeWave demonstrates various list types in our training webinars, showcasing the available templates. We emphasize the importance of providing a clear vision to new SharePoint users, as the term "list" can have varied interpretations. By imparting this understanding, we ensure that users grasp the full potential and versatility of SharePoint lists. 

Creating and Customizing Lists

When showing our students, the process of creating lists in SharePoint, KnowledgeWave covers different list templates available out-of-the-box and show attendees how to customize lists to align with examples of specific requirements. You'll learn how to add columns, define column types, in our other areas we set validation rules, and create views to organize and present your data effectively.  

Data Entry and Validation

Like data cleansing in Microsoft Excel, accurate and structured data entry holds importance for efficient list management. KnowledgeWave shares best practices for data entry, equipping our students with valuable insights. Our training covers various techniques, such as leveraging default values, implementing data validation, and harnessing the potential of choice fields and lookup columns. Additionally, you'll gain proficiency in utilizing calculated fields to perform calculations and automate data processing. The possibilities with SharePoint lists are truly extensive, and our training will empower you to harness their full potential.

List Views and Filtering

SharePoint provides powerful features for viewing and filtering data within lists. With your KnowledgeWave instructor we explore how to create custom views, filter data based on specific criteria, and sort and group data to gain meaningful insights. You'll discover how to use conditional formatting to highlight important information and make your lists visually appealing and user-friendly. As a Site Owner, you may even want to create views that others will use. You learn that too!  

Basic Workflows and Automation

SharePoint workflows allow you to automate processes associated with list data. In this topic area we introduce you to some basic workflows and give you an introduction to Power Automate. You'll learn how to design workflows to streamline approval processes, send notifications, and perform automated actions based on list data changes. Harnessing the power of workflows and automation, you can experience significant improvements in productivity and efficiency. 

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A Look at Advanced List Features

After you have the basics down, it’s time to take your list mastery to the next level with advanced features. KnowledgeWave covers topics like versioning, enabling content approval, implementing item-level permissions, and utilizing advanced column types such as managed metadata and lookup columns. These features will empower our client’s employees to build more sophisticated and robust list solutions. 

KnowledgeWave is here and can help, but if you do plan on undertaking this training internally, using these 6 topic areas for SharePoint Lists should be the perfect blueprint for creating your own Training Guide specific to SharePoint Lists.   

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