Better Organize your Outlook in the Business Setting

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Using Outlook in Business

In this webinar, you’ll learn ways to gain control of your Outlook. This can be very challenging and we’ll show you ways to streamline your workflow and make your Outlook experience so much better. Many of us use Outlook all day but may be unaware of some of the amazing tools and underutilized options that will help you be more productive and organized!

We’ll explore advanced Email options like rules, Quick Steps and some time-saving automated functions like templates. Have a better understanding of how to maximize your Calendar in such a way that less is more. This can be accomplished by using To-Do items, Tasks and Flags to keep yourself on track, instead of cluttering your calendar. As you listen in on this webinar, we’ll also offer best practices to make the most of Microsoft Outlook in the business setting

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But you are in luck! We recorded it. Enjoy!

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Topics: Outlook, Webinars, KnowledgeWave News, Industry News, Microsoft 365