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Professional Development from Home

During times of uncertainty, many of us look for things to stay productive. Life doesn't just stop; we still need to meet deadlines for our projects while managing our time between work and family. We also need to take care of ourselves, which includes self-improvement through personal and professional development.

Remote training and online webinars are perfect solutions for those wanting to keep their skills sharp or learn something new. KnowledgeWave is currently offering a special 15% discount on our Remote Technical Training Classes.

Professional Development Webinars

The KnowledgeWave Learning Site (KLS) has a wide variety of professional development webinars, both live and recorded for you to access at any time. During live webinars, you are encouraged to type in your question and receive answers from your instructor. If you cannot make the live scheduled events, you can view the recorded version of the same webinar shortly after the live event is complete.

We are currently hosting a special series, “10 Soft Skills for the 21st Century Workplace.

If you are already a KLS member, you can log into your account and search for any of these webinars, which include some of the following topics:

Adaptability & Communications 

As the workplace evolves, changes, and people come and go, 2 key skills you need are remaining adaptable and being able to communicate successfully. This webinar will provide you with the best practices in both disciplines to best prepare you for the change. 

Collaboration & Critical Thinking 

Collaboration is one of the most difficult skills to develop, yet once mastered, it is invaluable. All participants have to be willing to sacrifice parts of their own ideas and adopt others to get results for the organization. Critical thinking is also essential to improvement. It’s the mechanism that weeds out problems and replaces them with fruitful endeavors. It’s what helps workers solve problems when they don’t have a manager or supervisor at their disposal. This webinar will explore and explain these two soft skills for success in the 21st century workplace. 

Leadership & Empathy 

As part of our continuing series on Soft Skills You Need for the 21st Century, we bring you Leadership and Empathy, 2 sought-after skills. This webinar will provide you tips and tools to build your leadership skills and teach you strength through empathy. 

Entrepreneurism & Accessing and Synthesizing Information 

Operating as an entrepreneur means innovating to build something of recognized value into opportunities. In some situations, this may also be called an Intrapreneur. Entrepreneurs must be able to access and synthesize information to improve innovation and build leadership within and among teams. This webinar will discuss how to develop these skills. 

Global Citizenship & Networking 

Being a Global Citizen means to have a larger view of your world beyond work, country, and political boarders. A global citizen employee has a keen sense of how the world works and how their action in local communities effects the world and their work. We will show you how to convert this mindset into a practical set of skills to bring value to your work and those you serve. Along with learning Networking Skills, this webinar will give you valuable lessons to use on the job to provide a powerful impact to all. 

Communications and Teamwork 

Communications and Teamwork go hand in hand. To promote great teams you need to practice great communication skills. This session will first focus on these individual soft skills, then bring them together in the context of developing stronger teams. 

Work Life Integration 

There are many challenges to keeping work and life separate now that the two have crashed into each other. It is difficult to maintain a balance. This webinar will teach you how you can integrate your work and your home life while keeping productive and efficient. We will show you ways to keep committed to both your family and work. We will talk about scheduling, work discipline, and time management, along with efficiency and productivity. 

Self-Confidence and the Ability to Learn from Criticism 

The greatest thing you can do for your own success, and for the success of those around you, is to learn, build, and practice self-confidence. And yes, it can be learned. Another key skill is the ability to accept criticism. By being confident in yourself you will be able to accept criticism as not personal, but a tool for achieving better work and improved outcomes. This webinar will show you keys to both. 

Stress in a Unique Time of Work 

We are in a unique time in our world. We need to work from home while caring for our families and worrying about a pandemic; all in the same place, all at the same time. This webinar will help you with techniques to manage the stress and anxiety during this time so you can stay productive and manage your life. 

How to Be an Effective Employee While Working from Home 

The current breakout of COVID-19 has increased awareness regarding the need for employers to provide a way for employees to work remotely while maintaining productivity. In this webinar we’ll share some best practices for being productive and professional when working from home. We’ll also explore strategies for managing your physical space, your digital assets, your mindset, and your work relationships when working from home. We will also give some examples of using modern workplace tools that are readily available as part of Office 365. 

Strategies to Resolve Conflict at Work 

We spend a considerable amount of time with our work colleagues, and as a result conflict can sometimes be unavoidable. In this webinar we will share a process for conflict acknowledgement and core concepts that can help to resolve work related skirmishes. 

We continuously offer our webinars on a monthly basis. We also encourage all of our members to regularly check their KLS dashboards for newly recorded content.

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As we all do our part to adjust our behaviors and slow the spread of COVID-19, some businesses and employees are busier than ever, while others are slowing down. For those of us who are experiencing a slow period, now might be a good time to gain some new skills or take training you’ve been considering.

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