Transform Training: Generative AI Revives Microsoft Paint

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Transform Training - Generative AI Revives Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint was introduced back with Windows 1.0 and has been a part of the Windows operating system ever since. Since 1985 there have been powerhouse programs built for graphic designers, and whether you use it or not, Photoshop is probably the most referenced photo editing software available. These days you can add filters, remove backgrounds, or add blurs to photos right on our cell phones.

Generative AI is significantly transforming traditional tools like Photoshop, and even Microsoft Paint, revolutionizing the way we work and express creativity. In the past, Microsoft Paint was primarily basic graphic design software with limited functionality. However, with the integration of Generative AI, the tool has undergone a remarkable evolution. The marriage of Generative AI and Microsoft Paint showcases the potential of AI to augment and amplify our creative endeavors in previously unimaginable ways.  

Old tools are new tools again.  

Watch this short video that my colleague created with the recent update to Microsoft Paint. He highlights the new Layers options, and the new Generative AI Cocreator, which uses the DALL-E AI technology that lets you create realistic images and art from a typed-in description.  

Example: “A man near a campfire, on a Vermont winter day, where it is lightly snowing. With a barn in the background.”  Returned samples below 

 Generative AI Charcoal Painting

 Generative AI Sketch Painting

 Generative AI Photo Realistic Painting



Photo Realistic 


Recently Microsoft Paint has introduced several enhancements, including Dark Mode, layers and integration of AI-driven features like Cocreator. These additions give Microsoft Paint a modern feel while maintaining the simplicity of its original version. Note: You must have Windows 11 to take advantage of these new Microsoft Paint features.  


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