What I Learned and Earned at the 2022 ATD Conference & Expo

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What I Learned and Earned at the 2022 ATD Conference & Expo

The Association of Talent Development (ATD), is an international organization that supports more than 12,000 training and talent development specialists around the world. Earlier this year, ATD held its annual conference and expo from May 15th – May 18th, in Orlando, Florida. I attended for 3 different purposes: 

  • Attain my Certification in Leadership Development Programs 
  • Educate myself as a Conference Attendee
  • Contribute my time as a Conference Volunteer

The conference includes a concurrent training session every 60 minutes led by trainers and facilitators that are ATD members or vendors who display their talents and products in the exposition. I previously spoke at this conference when it was hosted in Orlando, FL back in 2011.

Prior to the event opening, there are a number of pre-conference certification classes that attendees can participate in. This year, I attended one of the multi-day sessions to receive my “Creating Leadership Programs Certificate” from ATD. 

There were a number of incredibly valuable lessons that I took away from the leadership session. Moving forward, these lessons will play a critical role in helping me create and deliver content to our KnowledgeWave Professional Development (ProDev) program. Detailing current ProDev best practices, as well as educating our users on a wide variety of Microsoft 365 Applications, Network Security, Live Webinars, and On-Demand recorded content.  

At the ATD Conference this year I learned an incredible amount, including:  

  • How to move employees from Emotional Quotient (EQ) to Resilience to Hardiness 
  • Connect with Empathy, Act with Compassion 
  • Improve Interactivity within Webinars 
  • Building a Professional Development program 
  • DEI and now B; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging 

While at the ATD Conference this year, I also earned:  

  • Creating Leadership Development Programs Certificate 
  • An offer to be a co-author of Elaine Biech’s next book on leadership 

After attending the ATD conference this year, I hope to share many of the valuable lessons I learned with the KnowledgeWave userbase in the form of upcoming ProDev webinars. We already scheduled a session, “Three Steps from EQ to Resilience to Hardiness” so sign up soon!

As a reminder, all KnowledgeWave members can attend any of our monthly webinars free of charge! You can check out our full upcoming Webinar Schedule here.

Current members can log in here.

Keep an eye out as we continue to build out the KnowledgeWave Professional Development program, based on the three foundational skills of ProDev: Professional, Personal & Leadership.

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