Asserting Yourself in the Workplace: A KnowledgeWave Webinar Series

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Asserting Yourself in the Workplace

It can be challenging to stand up for yourself in the workplace. Sometimes we fear what may happen to us if we do. This series of webinars will show you how to assert yourself, set boundaries, and how and when to say no and make it positive for everyone.

This series is made up of 4 webinars: 

  • Introduction to the series 
  • How to professionally assert yourself in the workplace 
  • Setting boundaries; with coworkers, bosses, and those we serve 
  • Saying No at work and making it positive for all

Module 1: Introduction to the Series

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This webinar will introduce you to the series and is designed to help you assert yourself in the workplace. Not only will this module introduce the series, but it will also kick-start new methods of standing up for yourself.

Topics covered include:

  • What is self-assertion in the workplace? 
  • Benefits to you, your leaders, and the people you serve 
  • How to assert yourself in a non-defensive manner and professionally 
  • Setting boundaries with others 
  • Saying no and why it is important 
  • Recommended reading list

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Module 2: How to Professionally Assert Yourself in the Workplace

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This module will help you learn how to assert yourself and do it professionally. This way people will respect you, your talent, and not take advantage of you.

Topics covered include:

  • Know your goals before you start  
  • Act your way to confidence 
  • Practice assertive conversations 
  • Use “I” statements and not “you” or “us” 
  • Recommended reading list

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Module 3: Setting Boundaries; with Coworkers, Bosses, and those we serve

Setting boundaries with coworkers

Setting boundaries is important in establishing who you are to others. It is important to your work and your mental health. This module will help you set boundaries that will help you take care of yourself, do your best work, and help serve those we work with even better than before.  

Topics covered include:

  • Why is it important to have boundaries?  
  • Where to begin (with yourself)
  • Express your boundaries clearly, calmly, and consistently 
  • Setting boundaries with toxic people 
  • Recommended reading list

Module 4: Saying "No" at Work and Making it a Positive for All

Learning to say "no"

Saying no is not only good for you, but it can be the best way to serve. If you are too busy, not comfortable, or just do not have the time for yes.

Topics covered include:

  • Sometimes, “no” is a complete sentence 
  • How to say no so it is professional and not personal  
  • Making “No” a positive thing 
  • Be prepared for pushback and sticking to your guns 
  • Recommended reading list

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