Comprehensive SharePoint Training Guide: Everything You Need to Know

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A Comprehensive Guide to SharePoint Training - Everything You Need to Know

SharePoint has emerged as a powerful platform for collaboration, document management, and business process automation. However, to harness its full potential, it's crucial to invest in comprehensive SharePoint training. Training plays a pivotal role in enabling users to unlock the key concepts, functionalities, and best practices of SharePoint. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the importance of SharePoint training, and its benefits, and provide insights into what you need to know to embark on a successful SharePoint training journey.

Understanding the importance of SharePoint training sets the foundation for successful adoption and utilization. There are several key reasons why training is crucial: 

  1. SharePoint training empowers users by equipping them with the knowledge and skills required to navigate the platform effectively. By understanding SharePoint's features and functionalities, users can confidently utilize its tools and capabilities, leading to increased productivity and improved efficiency.

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  2. Proper training allows organizations to maximize the return on investment (ROI) in SharePoint. By providing training, organizations can ensure that their employees are proficient in using SharePoint to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and drive overall productivity. This, in turn, enables organizations to fully leverage the potential of SharePoint and derive the maximum value from their investment.

  3. SharePoint training plays a vital role in ensuring compliance and security within organizations. By educating users on best practices for data security, governance, and compliance, training helps mitigate the risk of data breaches and non-compliance. SharePoint training provides users with the necessary knowledge to handle sensitive information securely and adhere to industry regulations and internal policies.


SharePoint training should be tailored to cater to the unique needs and roles of users within an organization. Training should be specific to user type to address specific job functions and categorized for the Administrator, the SharePoint Site User, and Site Owner. By aligning training with user needs, organizations can enhance user adoption and maximize the impact of SharePoint on their business processes.

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Consider the variety of training modalities available to meet your SharePoint training needs. While hands-on training is often regarded as the gold standard, it may not always be feasible or practical for every situation. In today's digital age, more modern training solutions are conducted online, offering flexibility, convenience, and often a lower cost.  

Ideally, your SharePoint training solution should encompass a combination of hands-on live instruction, live webinar presentations, and on-demand video-based training. This multi-faceted approach allows you to cater to different learning preferences and accommodate various user types. If you do not plan on doing the training internally, look for a partner that can offer all these modalities. Hint: KnowledgeWave offers all these modalities. 

Live hands-on training sessions can be beneficial for a smaller group of users who require in-depth, interactive instruction. This format provides the opportunity for direct engagement with an experienced trainer and fosters a deeper understanding of SharePoint concepts. 

Live webinar presentations, on the other hand, offer scalability and the ability to target specific user types or job roles. By segmenting your audience, you can provide tailored training sessions that address the unique needs and challenges of different user groups. Webinars allow for interactive participation, question-and-answer sessions, and the exchange of ideas, enhancing the learning experience. 

To further enhance the training experience and ensure continuous learning, an on-demand video solution is highly valuable. This approach offers flexibility, allowing users to access training content at their own pace and convenience. On-demand videos provide deeper, microlearning opportunities, enabling users to explore specific SharePoint topics in detail. Additionally, they serve as a valuable resource to stay up to date with the latest SharePoint updates and features, ensuring users are equipped with the most current knowledge. 

By incorporating a mix of training modalities, you can create a comprehensive SharePoint training program that caters to the diverse needs of your users. Whether it's through live hands-on sessions, targeted webinars, or on-demand videos, each modality offers unique benefits and contributes to the overall effectiveness of your training initiative. 

KnowledgeWave offers expertise, comprehensive training solutions, customization options, continuous learning resources, and a partnership approach that make them a preferred choice for SharePoint training. Reach out to KnowledgeWave today to discuss your SharePoint training plan.  

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