Keeping Your Employee List Up-To-Date in KLS

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When you first open a group account with us, your member list is fresh and current. Typically, we bulk-upload all your employees into KLS (the KnowledgeWave Learning Site) from a spreadsheet in order to save you time. The challenge is that the list gets stale after a few months as your organization evolves and team members come and go.

We want to make sure that new employees are included so that they can reap the benefits of your organization’s investment in KLS. And we want to make sure that departing employees are removed from the system so that these employees aren’t counting toward your organization’s total allowed members. (Also, bounced emails count as demerits against our mail delivery system. We work hard to keep our mail deliverability high and our account in good standing.)

The good news is that it’s relatively easy to keep your member list up-to-date if you build it into your routine. We strongly recommend getting a simple process in place to keep your list fresh and current.

Timing: One-at-a-time or periodic batches?

Many of our clients simply add an item to their onboarding checklist, reminding HR to add the member to KLS as soon as the employee’s email account is set up. And then they add another item to the exit checklist to remove the departing employees from KLS.

A few of our clients prefer to do updates in monthly bundles. At the end of the month, they run a report on new employees and departed employees, and then add and remove them all at once. Just remember to set up a task or some other type of reminder for yourself on a regular basis.

Who does it?

For small organizations, it’s probably easiest to handle the additions and removals in-house. See this post for instructions. Anybody on your team who has been given admin privileges in KLS can add and remove members. For larger organizations with really dynamic employee lists, our customer success team is happy to help if you want to email us your monthly add and remove lists.

We are way behind! Can you synch our lists?

Yes! If many months have passed and you fear that your member list in KLS is far out-of-date, just send us a fresh employee list to and we will synchronize it with your member list in KLS. Then it will be easier for you to keep it updated going forward, using the techniques discussed above.

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