LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report 2020 - The Takeaways

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LinkedIn Learning Report

The numbers say it all...

38% Less

57% More

In this report, LinkedIn Learning found that Workplace Learning Managers' budgets for 2020 will decrease 38% for Instructor Lead Training (ILT) compared to 2019. Additionally, the same managers will increase their budgets for Online Learning by 57%. Managers continue to focus on training costs while keeping their employees ready with the top skills to get work done.

Online budgets due to the current pandemic

This report was performed and published before our current COVID-19 pandemic. Instructor Led Training is pretty much done for the foreseeable future. Online learning is now the primary focus for Workplace Learning Managers or anyone responsible for training employees while we social distance and so many work from home.

A good time to train employees

Why is this a good time to train employees? Usually managers want to see some sort of return on their investment (ROI) when they send their employees to training. Managers also want to know what the time-cost is when their employees are online learning and not working on current projects.

As of right now, a lot of employees are not in their offices. They are working from home and managing their work-life balance or work-life integration. Online learning is an easy solution to educate employees on the latest technologies they are using everyday.

L&D Professionals spend most of their time building and sourcing content

During these times, and in the future, Learning & Development (L&D) professionals spend most of their time creating, developing, and sourcing learning content. 46% percent of their time!

That’s a lot. Yes, it is their job. However, there is so much content to get trained on. Also, due to the increase in the online training, this would include developing/catering all of this content to fit the new online audience and format.

There are other solutions. Finding a training partner and supplier is the most efficient way to meet these new needs.

Finding a Training Partner


At KnowledgeWave, we have created an online content library (The KnowledgeWave Learning Site) ready for your audience to attend. We are constantly adding to this library. Additionally, we provide live online webinars and online recorded content that specializes in the optimization of Office 365 and Microsoft Applications, like Teams, Excel, OneDrive & SharePoint.

Check out our popular class schedule here!

We also have Google Apps learning content and can provide Professional Development courses with materials. We recently hosted a series of webinars to help you and your team work more efficiently from home.

Online learning goes beyond listening and watching. For example, if you attend an Excel webinar or recorded event, we provide the practice files we use in the online class. You can download the files and practice what you are learning. If you attend a live event, you can type in question during the live session and quickly get an answer.

You can still meet your employees' learning needs while your business is dealing with the new social distancing norms and the rise of remote work. Budgets are already shifting to online training solutions. KnowledgeWave is here to be your online learning partner! Find out more about us here.

Read and download the full 2020 Workplace Learning Report through LinkedIn Learning.

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