Make the Job You Have the Job You Love

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Make the Job You Hvae the Job You Love

Were you excited when you first started your current job? Has the job changed and now you feel stressed just thinking about work? Wouldn’t it be great to love the job you have again? KnowledgeWave is happy to present the ‘Make the Job You Have the Job You Love’ series.

This topic was presented as a group of webinars for our KnowledgeWave members and has been adapted to a video series that is now hosted on the KnowledgeWave Learning Site (KLS). This series will introduce you to methods and skills to make the job you have a job that you will love!

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Module 1: Introduction

This video will introduce you to the video series. You will learn a few methods to use to make the job you have the job you love and get excited to find the details of each one.

  • Identify Your Challenges
  • Know Who You Work For
  • Bad Leaders, Culture, and Job
  • Now I Love My Job

KnowledgeWave members can watch the video here!

Module 2: Identify Your Challenges

To make your job the job you love, first, identify your challenges. This video will help you find, define, and start the repair of your workplace's biggest challenges.

  • What you are – and not – in control of
  • Keep distant from toxic people
  • Take nothing personally

KnowledgeWave members can watch the video here!

Module 3: Know Who You Work For

We usually answer the question, “Who do you work for?” with the name of a manager or a specific person. This webinar will help you understand who to report to, who pays you, and who you work for.

  • A matter of point of view
  • Who you report to
  • Who pays you
  • Who do you really work for?

KnowledgeWave members can watch the video here!

Module 4: Bad Leaders, Culture, and Job

At times, we have all felt like characters from the movies “Horrible Bosses” or “Office Space” where it feels like our work life is just not what we expect or want. The number one reason people leave their job is due to a bad boss. It can also be due to the overall workplace culture. This video will show you how to manage horrible bosses or uncomfortable workplace environments and love your work.

  • Why do people leave their jobs?
  • The blame game
  • Own your stuff
  • Take the good, leave the bad

KnowledgeWave members can watch the video here!

Module 5: Now I Love My Job

Time to pull it all together. This video will go beyond a summary and will help you take action so that you can turn the job you have into the job you love.

  • Pull it all together
  • Best practices to love your job
  • What’s next?

KnowledgeWave members can watch the video here!

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