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Sample Training Video by KnowledgeWave

Posted by Eric Sokolowski  /  June 8, 2017  /  KLS   —   No Comments ↓

AdobeStock_training_video_small.jpgA little background

Just in case you're new here: KnowledgeWave provides software training for end users on popular business apps, like Microsoft Office and Adobe. 

A KnowledgeWave subscription provides end users with access to our blended learning model, which combines on-demand videos with live webinars and online classes.

Sample training video

Now let's highlight an example from KnowledgeWave's on-demand video library.

Excerpted from our Skype for Business training, this 2 minute video explains how to schedule a Skype meeting from Outlook.


This is what a full lesson looks like

The video above provides a quick explanation of a certain feature. Short, task-oriented videos like this are perfect for quick "How do I do X?" situations.

But sometimes you want more comprehensive training. We provide that, too. This screen shot shows an entire lesson: almost a full hour of training that walks you through the Skype for Business desktop application.


If you would like to further explore KnowledgeWave's on-demand video training, we offer a free trial, no credit card required. Free access for you and your team to explore the benefits of the KnowledgeWave Learning Site.

P.S. - Our Skype for Business training is frequently requested and highly regarded. Give us a call if you have plans to roll out Skype for Business; we can help get your team up-to-speed.

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