An Intro to KnowledgeWave for Your Sales Team

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AdobeStock_hello_sign_small.jpgThe KnowledgeWave Learning Site is essentially Training-as-a-Service.

Why TaaS? End users learn best when training is provided in small, digestible chunks of information over time. And they retain the knowledge better if it is immediately applicable to their daily work.

Furthermore, software is updated almost constantly these days. You need an ongoing service for that kind of learning.

Here's how KnowledgeWave works: organizations purchase memberships for their employees. And each member has access to on-demand training videos, live webinars, and online classes.

This is for end user software training, focused primarily on so-called productivity apps such as Microsoft Office and the like.

Log in and look around

You might want to start by becoming a KnowledgeWave member yourself and clicking around the site. That way you'll have a good sense of the offering when you start talking it up to clients.

Have you logged in to KnowledgeWave before? Click here to return to the site. (Don't worry, there's an easy way to reset your password...we all forget these things from time-to-time!)

Never been there? You'll need an email invitation with a unique key to get in the first time. Please contact and we'll get that over to you as soon as possible.

Check out a webinar

KnowledgeWave offers multiple live webinars each month, free for all members. These are hugely popular, and contribute heavily toward user engagement and client retention.

It's tough to pull a service away when various end users throughout the organization are actively learning useful tips on a regular basis.

Check out the upcoming schedule, register for something that interests you, and sit in for a bit. (I promise that our feelings won't be hurt if you check out after 10 minutes.) We know you are busy, but it's useful to get a sense for what the service can offer.

This will give you a feel for the engaging nature of live events vs. on-demand. Both are valuable, that's why they are part of the same package.

Online classes round out the package

Some minority of your clients are probably still interested in classes, too. KnowledgeWave offers a full selection of online classes that can be taken from anywhere. As a member, the fee to take these classes is minimal (but they aren't free like the videos and webinars.)

If you have a client looking for a more structure training approach, they can easily build classes into their training plans. For example, an Office 365 rollout might require every employee to take the O101 and O102 classes. Or their Skype for Business rollout might include a link to the online video training that we can provide.  

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