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AdobeStock_working_with_charts_small.jpgDo you and your team find yourselves with newly-assigned duties that call for more expertise in Excel than you’re used to?

Like breathlessly waiting for the ball to drop in a game of roulette, no one knows where new responsibilities will fall when things get reshuffled. 

Is your team ready? If not, online software training may be what you need to prepare.

Even for those who use Excel every day, there’s more to it than any one person could possibly pick up on their own. Knowing where to start is a common challenge faced by many who are new to the application. Maintaining what you learn can be even more challenging...especially if you don't use certain features on a regular basis.

That’s where online learning comes in handy. You can learn Excel online quickly by taking a full course. Or, if it’s been a while, brush up on specific skills with a single lesson. Better still, some online training vendors develop customized learning options to maximize your working knowledge and training investment.

Watch video on 10 Microsoft Excel AHA Features

Online software training is available in many forms to fit a wide range of individual learner needs. Your team is comprised of multiple personality and worker types. Their preferred learning styles could be equally different. With remote classroom, on-demand, and webinar training options available, online learning ensures they get what works best for them.

What else do fans of online learning love about it?

Works with crazy schedules

  • On-demand lesson content is always available when you are – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Self-paced course designs allow you to progress at your preferred speed.
  • Long and short-form course offerings fit into whatever free time you have. Got 15 minutes before your next meeting? You can learn something new in that time.

Ideal for budget-conscious organizations

  • A single subscription unlocks an entire library of learning topics. From specific software training to helpful business skills, there’s more than Excel to explore.
  • There’s zero travel costs. If you have an internet connection, you can access your courses.
  • Minimal equipment needs. Typically, nothing more than a computer, an internet connection, and a pair of headphones (if you don’t want to bug others around you) are required to get started.

Training that stays with you

  • Online classes rely on blended learning – a beneficial combination of learning interaction types that maximize retention, regardless of learner type, speed, etc.
  • Full courses and special topic options teach you what you need to know – and probably some ways to do it better!
  • Need a refresher on a concept or specific Excel function? No problem! Revisit any of your past lessons with a few clicks.

Start a Free Trial - 30 days, free, no risk

If you’re looking for more ways to learn Excel online, check out our post 12 Reasons to Get Your Software Training Online. Or sign up for a free trial and explore the available training for yourself. (Our webinars are hugely popular, especially our Excel webinars. We typically host 2 Excel webinars each month...free for members and free trials!)

As a certified Microsoft partner, KnowledgeWave knows Excel inside and out! If you’re having difficulty figuring out where your team’s Excel journey should start, we’ll gladly suggest the right mix of lessons to get you ready for your new responsibilities.

Corporate reshuffling and other strategic moves can easily lead to a realignment of teams and roles. If your newly-assigned responsibilities require Excel skills your team lacks, online training is the fast track to success. Not only does it fit your budget and schedule, it ensures every member of your team works with it efficiently.

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